Top 5 Most Frequently Performed MRIs

Compass has evaluated the claims costs for hundreds of employers. MRIs are almost always in the top 5 cost categories by procedure type.  Other significant cost-buckets are (1) Elective Outpatient Surgery, (2) Labor & Delivery, (3) Endoscopies and (4) CT scans.

There are 63 different types of MRIs that doctors order for patients, but of those 63, here are the Top 5 that are most frequently performed:

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Compass Price-Transparency Example: Atlanta, GA

In-network prices for medical services vary significantly within a city or town. Often, one does not have to travel very far to find a high-quality, lower cost provider.  Here is an example in Atlanta for an MRI of the Lumbar Spine—a fairly common test ordered when a person has chronic low back pain:

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