Top 5 Most Overprescribed Antibiotics


  There is an excellent article in the June 25, 2015 issue of Medical Economics Magazine entitled, “Health Affairs Reveals the 5 Most Overprescribed Antibiotics.” According to the article the 5 Most Overprescribed Antibiotics are: 1) Azithromycin-often given for upper respiratory ... Read More

Post-Op Infections: What’s the REAL Risk?

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There is an excellent editorial in the June 2nd, 2015 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association by Dr. Preeti Malani entitled, “Bundled Approaches for Surgical Site Infection Prevention—Continuing the Quest to Get to Zero.” The article by Dr. Malani references a study in the same ... Read More

Healthcare Consumer 3 Word Maxims


I read 2 blogs a few years ago by famed entrepreneurs Dharmesh Shah from Hubspot and Guy Kawasaki from Apple that talked about 3 word maxims for starting a business.  It was great how they distilled complex and important principles into just three words. So let’s do that for Healthcare ... Read More

Former Head of CMS Knows ‘Tricks-of-the-Trade’ for ACOs


In a follow-up to yesterday’s blog on the financial sustainability of ACOs, there was another Fantastic article in the same June 2, 2015 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) by entitled, “Accountable Care Organizations and Evidence-Based Payment Reform.” Dr. McClellan ... Read More

Medicare ACO Shared Savings – How’s That Gonna Work?


There is an excellent article in the June 2, 2015 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) by Lawrence P. Casalino entitled, “Pioneer Accountable Care Organizations—Traversing Rough Country.” The article is an editorial on a study by researchers at the Centers for Medicare ... Read More

Problem Medical Bills: Top 4 Common Reasons of Error

As healthcare consumers have out-of-pocket expenses related to medical care, they often either (A) need to pay in person at the doctor’s office/hospital or (B) pay an amount that is sent to them in a bill from the doctor’s office/hospital.  With the growth of high-deductible health plans and ... Read More

Supreme Court Upholds ACA Subsidies in King v. Burwell


The Supreme Court released its decision to in favor of keeping the Federal subsidies for people on the government health insurance exchange. In effect, Obamacare does not change.  If the Supreme Court had ruled the other way, those who purchased health insurance through the Federal insurance ... Read More

New Expensive Drugs To Look Out For

There is an excellence article in the May 15, 2015 issue of Internal Medicine News by Lucas Franki entitled, “Class of 2015: New drugs projected to earn billions.” The following is a list of drugs newly released in 2015 that are projected to have the greatest sales—Translation—be the greatest ... Read More