Anthem to Buy Cigna: What Mergers Mean to Healthcare Consumers


By now, you have probably already heard the news:  Anthem plans to acquire Cigna, as reported in the New York Times on July 24, 2015. The combined company would insure 53 million Americans and would change the acronym of large insurance carriers from B.U.C.A.H.  (pronounced ‘Buca’; Blue Cross, ... Read More

118 Cancer Doctors Write: Drug Costs Too High


There is an excellent article in the most recent issue of Mayo Clinic Proceedings by 118 Cancer Doctors entitled, “In Support of a Patient-Driven Initiative and Petition to Lower the High Price of Cancer Drugs.” The article describes the current state of HIGH cost cancer drugs as follows: 33% ... Read More

Surgeon Scorecard: Useful or Misleading?


There has been much in the news in the past few weeks about a new surgeon scorecard created by the non-profit news group Propublica.  Click Propublica Surgeon Scorecard  to visit the scorecard site. Propublica analyzed Medicare Data from the last 5 years and found over 65,000 complications from ... Read More

Hospitals Don’t Prevent Potential Fatal Infection: #BeCareful


There is an excellent article in the online news publication called Vox by Sarah Kliff entitled, “Do no harm: There’s an infection hospitals can nearly always prevent. Why don’t they?” The article describes Central Line Infections.  A Central Line is a very large IV that is inserted typically in ... Read More

Top 5 Most Frequently Performed MRIs


Compass has evaluated the claims costs for hundreds of employers. MRIs are almost always in the top 5 cost categories by procedure type.  Other significant cost-buckets are (1) Elective Outpatient Surgery, (2) Labor & Delivery, (3) Endoscopies and (4) CT scans. There are 63 different types of ... Read More

ER Doctors—What Consumers Need to Know

Three doctors pushing patient on gurney in hospital

ER doctors are specialists that are officially referred to as Emergency Medicine Physicians.  ER doctors see patients in the emergency room for acutely serious or life threatening situations like bleeding, fractures, loss of consciousness and inability to breath.  ER doctors also treat many ... Read More

Cardiologists: What Consumers Need to Know Before a Visit


A cardiologist is a specialist for the heart and blood vessels.  The most common reason people are referred to a cardiologist is because of (1) chest pain, (2) shortness-of-breath or (3) palpitations (a sensation of ‘fluttering’ of the heart) Here is what you should expect during your ... Read More