Problem Medical Bills: Top 4 Common Reasons of Error

As healthcare consumers have out-of-pocket expenses related to medical care, they often either (A) need to pay in person at the doctor’s office/hospital or (B) pay an amount that is sent to them in a bill from the doctor’s office/hospital.  With the growth of high-deductible health plans and ... Read More

NY Times Reports Survey of Healthcare Consumers on Cost

There is yet another great article in the New York Times this week by reporter Elisabeth Rosenthal as part of her ‘Paying Till It Hurts’ series—this one is entitled, “How the High Cost of Medical Care Is Affecting Americans.” The article posts the results of a survey conducted by the New York ... Read More

Healthcare Hot Spotters: Championships are Won in the Pre-Season

The Monday Compass Healthcare Consumerism Blog post on ‘Hot Spotters’ discussed the 5-50 Rule: 5% of health plan members drive 50% of health plan cost. The corollary to the 5-50 Rule is that the 5% of members usually turns over every year, so it is a NEW group of 5% driving the healthcare costs ... Read More

NY Times Reports on Heart Test that Ranges from $11,579 to $403

There is another excellent article in the December 12th, 2014 New York Times by Elisabeth Rosenthal entitled, “The Odd Math of Medical Tests: One Scan, Two Prices, Both High” . The article is part of Ms. Rosenthal’s series on high healthcare costs called “Paying Till It Hurts.” The article ... Read More

CDHP with Only Online Tools? 20 Questions You Need to Vet

If you are considering offering only online tools to support employees and their families as you move to a consumer-directed health plan or a high deductible health plan, here are some things to consider: Does the tool provide price-transparency that is specific to the user’s insurance ... Read More

What is Section 1332? Do You Know?

As if Health Reform is not complicated enough already, ahhhhh…. There is an excellent blog posted on the Health Affairs website by Heather Howard and Galen Benshoof entitled, “Section 1332 Waivers And The Future Of State Health Reform.” The blog post is an offshoot from a health policy ... Read More

How to Be a Better Healthcare Consumer: Top 5 Blog Posts from Compass

It was somewhat surprising how popular last Friday’s blog post “4 Mistakes to Avoid When Going to an Urgent Care Clinic.” That blog post received more ‘Likes’ on LinkedIn and more comments within 48 hours than any of these healthcare consumerism blog post in months. Below are 5 previous blog ... Read More

Seeing a Specialist Physician = Testing: Find Out Which Ones

The recent Compass Healthcare Consumerism Blog has had posts on mistakes healthcare consumers should avoid when receiving medical care.  Here is one mistake we see at Compass every day: Assuming You Will Not Be Sent for Additional Tests if You See a Specialist In other words:  Seeing a ... Read More

CMS Releases Data on Pharma Payments to Doctors by Name

There is an interesting article from the October 15th, 2014 issue of Internal Medicine News by Mary Ellen Schneider entitled, “CMS releases data on $3.5B in industry payments.”  The article describes how the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) released detailed records of what ... Read More