4 Questions That Will Help You Find the Right Physician

Finding a Physician

Finding a good physician is one of the greatest challenges for a healthcare consumer. It is also one of the most important choices a person makes when it comes to their medical care.  It is so important because, in my opinion, there is actually quite a bit of variability and subjectivity in ... Read More

Compass Price-Transparency Example: Seattle, WA

Pricing Example Seattle, WA

For more extensive, inpatient procedures, such as a total knee replacement, the cost difference among in-network hospitals can be astounding.  Frequently, the least expensive facility is also the most reputable for delivering the highest-quality care as well.  See the below example for ... Read More

Compass Price-Transparency Example: Austin

Compass Pricing Example Austin

A colonoscopy is an important test. The process seems simple--turn 50-years-old, schedule an appointment with a gastroenterologist and have the colonoscopy procedure completed. But what is that going to cost you? As you can see in the Austin example below, even if you take the proper cautionary ... Read More

Compass Price-Transparency Example: Atlanta, GA

Pricing Transparency

In-network prices for medical services vary significantly within a city or town. Often, one does not have to travel very far to find a high-quality, lower cost provider.  Here is an example in Atlanta for an MRI of the Lumbar Spine—a fairly common test ordered when a person has chronic low back ... Read More

3 Stats on High Blood Pressure and What They Mean to You


30% of U.S. adults have high blood pressure. High Blood pressure or Hypertension is bad because it causes extra wear-and-tear on your blood vessels.   It is typically defined as a blood pressure of > 140/90 or > 130/80 if you have certain conditions like diabetes.  This wear-and-tear then ... Read More

Compass Launches New Website

At Compass, we are committed to doing everything we can to make the healthcare experience as seamless as possible for our current and prospective members. To make things even easier, we paired up with Insite Interactive to launch our new and improved Compass Professional Health Services ... Read More