Only 651 Out of 3,600 Hospitals use Surgery Quality Improvement Program

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  There is an excellent article from the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) published online on September 2, 2015 by Dr. Lisa Rosenbaum entitled, “Scoring No Goal—Further Adventures in Transparency.” The article is a commentary on measuring surgical quality, especially as it relates ... Read More

Clinical Practice Guidelines: A House Built on Sand?


This most recent article in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) by Drs. David Classen and Leonard Mermel is SO GOOD, I almost don’t know where to begin! The article is entitled “Specialty Society Clinical Practice Guidelines: Time for Evolution or Revolution?” and is in the ... Read More

20 Top Physician Healthcare Industry Experts to Follow on Twitter


For Employee Benefits Professionals, who are those physician experts and researchers on the healthcare industry, healthcare financing, and healthcare policy? Below is a list of our @CompassPHS 20 Top Physician Healthcare Industry Experts to follow on Twitter: (In no particular ... Read More

Pepsi: Disease Management Saves $136 PMPM, Wellness—Not So Much


The 2nd most read article from Health Affairs in 2014 was a fantastic piece by the employee benefits professionals from Pepsi and researchers from the RAND Corporation. The article originally published in January 2014 came in 2nd in terms of Most Views in 2014 to an overview of healthcare spending ... Read More

How to Make an Educated Price-Transparency Vendor Decision

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Employers have multiple options regarding healthcare price-transparency vendors.  The main motivation I have seen for needing such a vendor is movement to a Consumer-Directed Health Plan or High-Deductible Health Plan or what is sometimes referred to as an Account-Based Health Plan. The ... Read More

6 Step Checklist for Hospital Discharges


Just had a baby?  Had outpatient surgery on your knee?  Been in the hospital for chest pain? If you are in any of these situations, then you are having a Care Transition.  That is, you are going from one place of care to another.  Typically, this is from the hospital or outpatient facility to ... Read More

Top 5 Doctor’s Wishes for Patient Visits


  There is an interesting article in the June 1, 2015 issue of Internal Medicine News by Dr. Karmela K. Chan entitled, “A Wish List for a Better Doctor Visit.” (Re-published on this site as well, CLICK HERE to read) In the article, Dr. Chan lists her Top 5 things SHE would want from ... Read More