Healthcare Price-Transparency: Where Do Healthcare Prices Come From?

Prices in healthcare are very complicated.  It is not like going to a grocery store and seeing that a loaf of bread costs $1.95 and then you go to the cash register and it is $1.95. You cannot always know exactly what a service (MRI, endoscopy, surgery, etc.) will cost in advance. However, just ... Read More

NY Times Reports: US Doctors Switch to Salaried Jobs at Hospitals

New York Times reporter Elisabeth Rosenthal wrote an article in the Thursday, February 13th 2014 issue entitled: “As Health Care Shifts, U.S. Doctors Switch to Salaried Jobs". The article describes how independent physician practices are being bought up by hospital systems.  Here are some ... Read More

Top 10 Sources of Healthcare Overutilization

It is an often cited statistic that 30% of US healthcare expenditures are WASTE.  The statistic was originally stated by the Institute of Medicine (IOM)—which has a very cool widget/moving info-graphic on the subject.  Click HERE to view the IOM Widget. Of that 30% of waste, the IOM estimates ... Read More

Is There an Ethical Way to Influence Referrals?

There is an excellent article from the January 15, 2015 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) by Drs. Matthew DeCamp and Lisa Soleymani Lehmann entitled, “Guiding Choice—Ethically Influencing Referrals in ACOs.” The article describes the dilemma that Accountable Care Organizations ... Read More

Pepsi: Disease Management Saves $136 PMPM, Wellness—Not So Much

The 2nd most read article from Health Affairs in 2014 was a fantastic piece by the employee benefits professionals from Pepsi and researchers from the RAND Corporation. The article originally published in January 2014 came in 2nd in terms of Most Views in 2014 to an overview of healthcare spending ... Read More